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About Happy Herefords & Tipsy Tamworths

Happy Herefords & Tipsy Tamworths is based on ancient flood meadow land on the Beds/Bucks borders. I produce beef from pedigree British polled Hereford cattle. Pork & sausages from Tamworth & Gloucester Old Spot pigs plus seasonal traditional spring lamb, on a small farm on the Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire borders.

All of our beef is naturally reared and grass fed and the pigs are free to range outdoors in paddocks all year round.

Cattle & pig breeds are selected for their ability to perform on natural grassland and a low input rearing system. They produce naturally higher levels of intramuscular fat than the more modern/continental breeds which disappears on cooking and enhances the flavour and tenderness of the meat that we sell. Recent breeding policy to improve performance off our low input grass based system has resulted in the use of AI and some Australian Hereford genetics notably, sons/grandsons of Doonbiddie Hustler, Yalgoo Boulder & Wirruna Daffy, these sires are producing good results with our British Polled Herefords amd I am currently very chuffed with my cows!

All stock are slaughtered at Mutchmeats in Witney. Beef is then hung in our own chiller for a minimum of 28 days and more often 6-8 weeks depending on what the individual carcass needs.

I hang and prepare all joints, steaks, cure all my own salt beef and bacon and prepare my own large range of sausages & burgers myself.

All of our sausages & burgers are made by hand by myself, I mix my own gluten free rusk, grind, chop or crumble my own seasonings and use natural certified UK hog/sheeps casings. It truly is a mammoth task and there is no wonder it takes two very long days to make a full batch of all the different varieties of sausage and burgers on the ever growing list!

Our sausages weigh in at a healthy minimum 75% meat (with the exception of the apple, stilton and leek sausages which are crammed with apples, cheese and leeks!). Our burgers weigh in at a respectable 72% meat due to several large butchers handfuls of onions and herbs!

I use the best quality fresh ingredients we can find which are locally produced wherever possible, organic or fair-trade when we have to go further afield. The Chillies are grown in Bedfordshire by Edible Ornamentals, the ales are brewed in Northamptonshire, the cheeses come from the Colston Bassett dairy in Leicestershire, one of the finest stilton & blue cheese makers in the country.