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Our Animals

Our Hereford Cattle

Our British Polled Herefords graze between Newton Blossomville (Bedfordshire) & Cold Brayfield (Buckinghamshire) on natural herb rich grassland which is currently managed under the Higher Level and Entry Level Environmental Stewardship Schemes and has received no artificial fertiliser for over 30 years. To avoid damaging the grassland our cattle are overwintered in traditional buildings at Cold Brayfield where they are fed haylage made during the summer.

All of our cattle have a name and a pedigree certificate, their parentage can be traced back at least two generations - further with internet access! Our Polled and British Polled Herefords can be traced back to the original Hereford Society Herdbook produced in the 1700's. Our extensive low input grass finishing farming system has led us to combine British Polled Hereford genetics with some of the best Australian Hereford genetics we can afford. Most of our Herefords now carry at least some Doonbiddie Hustler genetics which has had a massive influence in producing milky dams & fleshy carcasses which grade as well as any continental X under the european grading grid. Wirruna Daffy another Polled Australian Hereford is currently being used sucessfully as an outcross sire. Our cattle can be subjected to random DNA testing to prove their parentage at any time.

Our Pigs

Our Gloucester Old Spot & Tamworth pigs range outdoors on two small farms on the outskirts of Daventry & Hereford. The sows are brought in to farrow enabling us to keep a close eye on the mother & her young piglets at this critical time. Once they are strong enough the sow & her piglets are let back out into the paddocks to grow. Our pigs are fed on locally grown milled cereals (Wheat, Barley & Oats) and Beans. A small amount of rapeseed & soya (GM Free) is added to ensure that the pigs have the right protein available to them to keep them healthy.

The Tamworth breeding sows all have a name and a pedigree certificate, their parentage can be traced back to at least two generations - further with internet access! Our foundation herd of Tamworths have come from one of the oldest Tamworth herds in the country and can be traced back to the original Tamworth Society Herdbook.

Traditionally Reared Spring Lamb

Available only from late January - May our lambs are brought in as stores in early November to graze and clean up the pastures grazed by the cattle during the summer. Our lambs are individually selected by ourselves from a small Mule & Suffolkx flock which are born and reared on herb rich pastures very similar to our own grassland, which receives no artificial fertilisers and is managed under the higher level environmental stewardship scheme.

Our lambs are 100% grass fed throughout their lives and are a minimum of 8 months old before slaughter to provide tenderness and flavour that is out of this world.

Following slaughter our lambs are hung in a temperature controlled chiller for a minimum of 10 days further enhancing the tenderness and flavour that our customers have come to expect. Available boxed as whole or half lambs, jointed & packaged to your individual requirements ready for the freezer. Individual joints, subject to availability and more often available where we attend a farmers market.