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Hygiene & Safety Award for Happy Herefords

31 August 2016 15:52

Catering at Notting Hill Carnival is a challenge at the best of times. And with temperatures of up to 26°C this year Happy Herefords faced the additional trial of making sure that none of our customers were put at risk from food poisoning.

Mobile cafes are synonymous with dodgy food, but Happy Herefords have been dispelling this reputation over the past 10 years. At Notting Hill Carnival we not only maintained our own high standards, but were put under scrutiny of the Environmental Health Department of Kensington and Chelsea. This was welcomed as we earnestly believe that all mobile caterers should adhere to the level of food hygiene that we have. It was a tough inspection, but we were pleased that we were awarded the Very Good Standard of Compliance in Food Hygiene and Health and Safety by the Council.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have stringent requirements for food safety and hygiene at the carnival. Not only did Happy Hereford's van have to be well constructed, but it had to have facilities for hygienic hand washing (and thermos flasks or kettles were not considered acceptable - not that we would use them). We also complied with the need to have food surfaces that were in a sound condition and easy to clean, and our food was stored at safe temperatures. As advocates of excellent hygiene practices we had also identified those points in our procedure that needed to be critically controlled so that the food did not create a hazard to health, so we were able to show the inspectors this as well.

So the Carnival was a success not only for us, but also for our customers as we could rest content in the knowledge that not only is our food delicious, but it is always safe to eat.